More About Me

  • Having been in the real estate business since 1999, I understand the importance of being a counselor versus just a salesperson. When I got into the business, I did so with the full intention of being a source of assistance to first-time buyers and experienced ones. I want to be the "go-to" person for my client base with, usually, the biggest investment most will ever have. Throughout my career, I am proud of the reputation of integrity I have built and will continue serving others ethically and honestly.

  • With prior mortgage experience surpassing 11 years, my network of lenders, attorneys and title companies, I am happy to be able to provide my clients with additional funding sources plus a knowledge acquired from years in the business.

  • I love to keep improving my skills daily. I keep up with financial trends, government programs and investment information that affect both buyers and sellers. Knowing when to refer others is key to networking and providing better service to my customers and clients. And I thrive on receiving referrals. It's the best compliment I can get.

  • Specialties: I specialize in real estate counseling, providing clients with honest evaluations of their particular needs and situations. I also specialize in listing and selling real estate, which requires knowing how to negotiate the right way. My degree in marketing and advertising is put to good use when listing properties. The public deserves much more than just a tour guide when selling & marketing a property. An expert is needed. Experience or lack-there-of is expensive in more ways than one.