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Go ahead and use the fine china

When I was growing up, my mother had a set of fine china, one that we couldn’t use.  As a child, that made no sense to me.  You bought it but why can’t we use it?   The answer was always the same:  It was for special occasions.  I am now in my mid-50’s and to this day, we had never been served a meal by my mother on those darn dishes.   When she died, she didn’t take the set with her.  I never liked them and my brother just threw them away. 

So the question is….what is the special occasion that permits us to use the fine china?  Is the president ever going to visit or some other head of state?

I swore I wouldn’t do that. And I haven’t.  I work hard and should use the things I buy.  Otherwise, why spend the money?  

Here is my point.  Over the years, I’ve helped almost 50 families sell their parents’ properties.  Without fail, every household had a set of unused fine china.  Half of them were sent to Goodwill and the other half went to a garage sale.  The owners of those fine china sets never used them and didn’t take it with them to the cemetery or crematorium.  Enjoy life and use the damned china, or sell it and use the money.  Today is a present and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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